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Whether it’s working in a post-production house, recording studio or your own home studio, we have a hands-on Music Technology & 生产 AA degree that will teach you all the needed skills. We also offer an Audio Recording certificate as well as a Music 生产 certificate. 

As a (MURT) Music Recording and Technology student, you'll be working in a professional environment with instructors that have worked in the industry. Chabot College has one of the finest recording studios in the Bay Area with a fully integrated control room, live room and three isolation booths to accomplish large-scale recordings sessions. Housed in these studios are an array of high-quality instruments for sound exploration. Some of these instruments include six high-quality guitars and basses, modern and vintage keyboards, analog synthesizers, a custom drum kit and a grand piano.  

The facilities also feature state-of-the-art analog and digital equipment, equipped with an SSL AWS mixing console that is used in studios all around the world. 学生 will have access to cutting-edge AVID, Apollo and Scarlett interfaces, plugins from Universal Audio, dozens of vintage outboard gear and over 50 different microphones. The goal of the program is to both educate but also allow student to explore and to create, design, manipulate, mix music as well as sound effect and dialog for post-production. Along with recording studio access, each student will use fully functional Mac computers with the latest software to ensure that students are knowledgeable of industry used 工具.  

To summarize, you'll be working in a professional environment with:   

  • Industry-standard equipment   
  • 'Hands-on' experience in recording sessions and live music events   
  • 教师 guidance and instructions   

With these skills, you'll be off to a great start in an exciting and fruitful career in the music industry. 



Timothy Harris
Music Department Coordinator/Director of Bands
Building 1100, room 1111

Holden Guilbert
Instructional Assistant
Building 1100, room 1124

Sr. Instructional Assistant
Building 1100, room 1118

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