Art History

"The value of art is not seen when directly looking at the piece itself, but is felt once we try to look away."

About the Program

Art History is a truly unique field of study in which the past is learned not through accounts of kingly lineage or wars but through humanity’s most beautiful creations.  This discipline prepares students to analyze visual forms and research historical contexts, and—more importantly—to synthesize the two in order make meaning of art from across the globe and throughout time. 

Because humans make art to communicate the breadth and depth of human experience, art historical inquiry can lead to a consideration of a wide range of subjects. Those can include cultural, ethnic, social, religious, economic, and political topics, in addition to artistic and aesthetic ones. This discipline serves students who want to sharpen their artistic eye, enrich their cultural backgrounds, solidify their knowledge of history, develop analytical and writing skills, sharpen their critical sensibilities, and prepare for opportunities in museums, galleries, historical societies, and more.  The Art History discipline is particularly well-suited to students considering themselves visual learners.

“Now I see why art has existed for so long.  Artists have the power to make us feel whatever they feel, and as long as we love that, art will be undefeated.”

                        --Paolo Flores, Chabot student


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Art History